The prophecy of the white buffalo-calf-woman

More than 1000 years ago an incident happened to the Lakoto Indians in North America, a tribe of the Dakota Indians, which influences the spiritual life of lots of different Indian tribes till today and is the basis of the “Seven Holy Rites” practized by lots of Indians.

During a time of famine a powerful spiritual being appeared at the Lakota tribe and told them she would give them via spiritual way a few rites, which would be very essentiell for their survival, their future and the continued existence of their nation. The first two of the seven holy rites she gave to the leaders of the tribe personally, one is known as the holy pipe rite and the second is the cleansing rite (known over here also as steam hut) and showed them how to work with the rites.

Furthermore the white buffalo-calf-woman, after ending her teachings, made a prophecy to the Lakoto, which effects us till today. She let them know, that she wouldn’t return for a long period of time and asked the Indians to integrate the rites into their lives till then and work with them eagerly. Regarding her prophecy her return would be in a time of big crisis and great upheaval, shortly before the „great cleaning of the earth“ is about to start. She will be there to support nature and all primitive people.

This old indian prophecy about the return of the white buffalo-calf-woman is known from all the indian nations for centuries and has its effects till nowadays.

In the end this prophecy means, that in a time of great global upheaval, which is called „Cleaning of Mother Earth“, by the Hopi Indians, there will again show up the spirit of mother earth herself and manifest to help all the people and to support them, who see their duty in the preservation of nature and act in sympathy with all living beings.

So it is also no wonder, that within the last few years people all around the world do have great visions of this motherly spirit, appearing as the white buffalo-calf-woman, are deeply touched, so that their hearts are opened imnediately with great love and sympathy. This “calls” of the white buffalo-calf-woman mostly comes to together with the ability to realize the very own purpose of life and the way connected to it.

The prophecy says that we will be capable of the beginning of the time of return of the white buffalo-calf-woman by the sudden birth of pure white buffalo calfs.

And indeed since the end of the 90’s in the United States of America white buffalo calfs have been born, who are not albinos, but genetically pure white calfs. This phenomenon has already caused a spiritual recalling to their roots within the native indians of America, also part of the white American got to know about the white buffalo-calf-woman with the help of that, which leaded to a change of thinking. Nearly at the same time with this important events in the States at the other end of the world, in Australia, white, naturally grown crystall buffalo skulls were found, which are also closely connected to the prophecy of the white buffal-calf-woman. With the help of the spiritual guidance of the white buffalo woman all the white buffalo skulls found, without exception found their way to Europa to the global earth healer and spiritual teacher Wolfgang Hahl, with the purpose to be given by him to spiritual healers and teacher. That way that the break through of the motherly spirit of the white buffalo woman on our continent can take place, by giving as much people as possible the chance to get in contact with the energy of the white buffalo-calf-woman, with the help of the white crystall buffalo heads.

The great Plan

Within the following years it is very important that all women (but men also) get in contact with their female source and energy again, integrate it into their lives, so that they learn how to let their love, energy and wisdom work for the benefit of all living beings.

We are at the beginning of an age, where the women will get their power back and use it to bring change to heal all parts of our lives, after we have been dominated by male power for centuries.

For this it is necessary that more and more people reconnect to that female source and energy, to let it work through them and to trust their divine guidance.

Because in most of the religious and spiritual schools stills rules the male principle and male teachers and masters, as well as male Saints are playing the leading role, we here get a perfect opportunity to get a deep and concrete connection to the female spiritual power and beings, who are in nature and on this planet and inspire it.

In meditations with the white crystal buffallo skulls you will not only get and feel the blessing of the white buffalo woman, but also spontanious self healing processes can turn up, the kundalini energy is activated again, and old knowledge and spiritual abilities are awakened again.

This happens that more people open their hearts in sympathy for the suffering nature and are willing to work strongly to maintain and protect of all beings. Now it is the time that the white buffalo-calf-woman is calling all people with a pure heart to work with her for the great plan.

It is the great plan to stop the enormous destruction of nature by human beings and to work together to create paradise on earth, where all beings can live together in harmony and grow on their way.

The white buffalo woman appeared Wolfgang Hahl in visions, where she let him know that she would have manifested during a period of 35000 years white crystal buffalo heads to give us an easier access to her spirit, so that this skulls can serve as powerful, energetic catalysators and gigantic spiritual antennas of her spirit.

People that way get the unique chance to get a direct and concrete access to her spirit, to communicate with her and to receive her love and blessings directly.

There are no words to describe and it only can be experienced what happens when her unique motherly love and her enlighted spirit come down to us with the help of the buffalo heads, touch our hearts and heal them. A yearly white buffalo woman seminar is offered my Wolfgang Hahl. It will also be my duty to give as many people as possible the chance to reconnect with this wonderful, powerful, lovingly and motherly energy of the white buffalo woman in seminars (see my calendar of events or call for arrangements please).

All crystal buffalo skulls found up to today, have been found without exception in a dry salt lake in a kilometerlong area in Australia between Ayers Rock (Uluru) and Olgas, which is also a part where many sacred sites from the aboriginis are found and which is talked about in many myth and legends from ancient times.

The fact that it was possible to find the skulls in an area as big as that, which is covered by a constant salt layer, shows that a strong and powerful spiritual force (the spirit of the white buffalo woman) must have been leading the searchers.

Scientifically it can be roughly established that the skulls have been created by crystalisation of selenit and hamit onto the skull bones of hoofed animals living in that area in a creation period of 35000 years. What started that process, why not even one other bone with that kind of crystalisation has been found, and why the skulls have not been stuck together with the rest of the salt layers, but instead obvioulsy have been lying in a secure vents, so that they could be found after centuries without any dammage and transported in perfect condition to Europa is not easy to understand and to explain logically. The fact that these skull once in a while in meditations start smelling like real buffalos, is not only unbelievable, but at the same time neither logical nor scientifically explainable and show us even more that the white buffalo skulls are very spezial and mystic, yes, even sacred.

I have to admit that even knowing about the buffalo smell, I had my problems in believing it, till my own buffalo skull one day gave me the chance to experience it on my own, which left a feeling of great happines.

We can talk about a further wonder, when we keep in mind that all these buffalo skulls found since 2002 have found their way to Germany to the earth healer Wolfgang Hahl, without him doing anything for it.

Already when the first buffalo skull reached W. Hahl the spirit of the white buffalo-calf-woman turned up to him and let him know that the skulls are not only closely connected to her spirit, but that she created them, to use them as powerful catalysators and connection between her and the human beings in the future. He was adviced mentally to keep the first 6 skulls, that would reach him (3 selenit- and 3 halit-crystal skulls) and to create an altar room for them.

These 6 skulls represent the 4 cardinal points as well as heaven and earth and furthermore each of them shows a certain aspect of the power and nature of the great motherly spirit. It goes without saying that they look totally different in their shape and view, their form of crystalitsation and the energy is also different (all pictures can be seen in the book „Die Rückkehr der Weissen Büffelfrau“ by W. Hahl).

The spiritual and energetic experiences, which took place to Wolfgang Hahl with the skulls, have been pretty intense and extensive so that he decided to write a book about it. Shortly before the book was about to be printed in summer 2006 something absolutely unexpected took place: The white buffalo-calf-woman had been telling Wolfgang spiritually for quiete a while that she would send some more buffalo skulls to him and really in one go 13 white crystal buffalo skulls, which all have been found in the above mentioned area in Australia, came to him. They all are snow-white with a light pink glimmer and just differ in the different positions of their spiral-shaped horns.

Chief YellowHawk's Prayer

O Great Spirit, Whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me, I come before you, one of your children.

I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom.

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.

Make my hands respect the things you have made, my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Make me wise so that I may know the things you have taught my people, the lesson you have hidden in every leaf and rock.

I seek strength not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself.

Make me ever ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes,
so when life fades as a fading sunset,
my spirit may come to you without shame.

Chief YellowHawk